3D Visualisations

A 3D visualisation is a computer-generated image that shows you what your final build will look like.

They can be sketchy in style, photo-realistic, or photo-montages.

Who Can I Produce Visualisations For?

– Clients who are already employing my architectural design services.
– Individuals who have used another designer but also wish to have a 3D visualisation created.
– Companies who require visualisations for their clients or for marketing purposes.

Why Use a 3D Visualisation?

– You can see more clearly what your/your client’s money will be spent on. The image can help you/your client decide whether you like the design or whether you want changes made.

– The image helps Planning Officers and neighbours understand the design and size of the build. A photo-montage shows exactly how it will fit in with the surroundings.

– Start advertising your property development before building work begins/is complete. See the Property Development gallery in my portfolio to see examples of previous work.

How Much Will a 3D Visualisation Cost?

The price depends on how quickly you need the work done and how realistic you want the image to be.

I’m happy to have a chat to discuss your needs even if you don’t have all the information listed below.

If you can provide the following information, it will help me to determine whether I can take on the work and what I can offer for your budget.

– budget per image/animation
– timescale
– building/room plan PDFs

I understand that sometimes you’re not sure of your requirements and just need advice first and foremost.

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